Running philosophy
Running Mission

Running Mission

Sincere Devotion and Life Caring

Daysun thinks keenly that enterprise is a service provider for society rather than a simply commercial manufacturer. Based on the motto of " Sincerely Running and Customers First", the company provide quality products and unceasingly-improved service to meet the requirements of customers. 
Daysun is currently booming and is active in advanced technology and continuous innovation. 
The company is presently striving to be a professionally leading company in the industry worldwide and its future is surely promising and prosperous. 

Business Principle

Sincerity, Innovation, High Efficiency, Superior Quality

Sincerity means the sincere running of Daysun and employees fidelity to employer.
Innovation contains worldclass technology innovation, concept innovation,management innovation and marketing innovation. 
High efficiency is being implemented into the practical operation to make the company more competitive. 
Superior quality can be reflected by quality and safety products,stable quality,good CI as well. 
Business Principle
Concept of Employee

Concept of Employee

Making Work Pay, Making Work Happy

Employment aim of enterprise is to gather good people with different characteristics to make bigger business. The employee should have team spirit and good professional ethics, meanwhile be nobleminded. 
If the employee's gogettingness drops, there should be some wrong with the enterprise; If the employee cannot present strong performance while facing golden opportunity or under a extremely good environment, there should be some wrong with the person. 
To esteem and promote the talented; to offer them the space to display great ability; to arouse the potence of employee for workmindedness. At Daysun, employees can fully derive pressure from their jobs.


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