Quality Assurance

The company has always been customer-centric, from the product development and design, raw material procurement, process control, product testing, storage and transportation to strengthen the management and control to ensure product quality.

1. Strictly check the inspection system of raw materials and accessories, and establish a dynamic assessment mechanism for qualified suppliers;
Each year, our company organizes a review team to evaluate suppliers for major raw materials. Through the control of the source, peanut products that are frequently reported abroad, our company has achieved zero circular exports for three consecutive years. In the event of melamine, we also established a supplier dynamic management assessment mechanism, and no quality accidents occurred in the exported products;

2. According to the "company + base + standardization" management model, ensure the safety of the main raw materials.
In order to control the quality of glutinous rice, which is the main raw material of our company, from the source, our company has planted a base in the northeast to achieve the self-sufficiency of the raw material glutinous rice, which fundamentally guarantees the quality and safety of the product.

3, pay close attention to process control, strengthen employee health management.
The strengthening of employees' awareness of health quality is the premise and basis of product quality assurance. Our company improves and maintains the awareness of employee health quality through pre-entry training and supervision and inspection.

4. To strengthen laboratory construction and strive to improve self-inspection and self-control capabilities.
Our company establishes a set of laboratory management system suitable for the use of our company according to ISO17025 to improve our self-inspection and self-control capability. In addition to the company’s experience in the sensory and physical and chemical indicators and its mature testing level, the company’s laboratories are fully inspecting microorganisms.

5, aiming at changes in laws and regulations at home and abroad to improve the ability to respond to foreign trade technical barriers.