Group Introduction

Daysun Group was established in Thailand in 1992, after over a decade of development, now it has grown into a large-scale multi-national group of diversified business. Its main industries are foodstuffs, travelling, mining, real-estate, international trade, business is active in over 30 countries, like America, European countries, Australia, South-East Asia, Middle-East, Japan, China,etc., Daysun group is also actively involved in social charties donations, it contributed a lot of money in building temples, schools in Thailand, Cambodia, also donated to the Project Hope to build schools and roads across China, with all these activities, Daysun Group returns part of its earnings to the society, make contributions to the local economies and cultural development.


Taigong Mountain

Liyang Longsheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd is a big tourism company invested by Daysun Group, Thailand, which is lacated in the center of Tianmu Lake Tourism & Resort area. Taigong Mountain is the highest scenic spot in the Resort which is invested and constructed by the company.
The main gate of Taigong Mountain is 13 meters high, with exquisite workmanship and spectacular significance, 2 dragons at the gate usher you to the 103-step top, befour you is the statue of Jiang Taigong, who is a much worshipped legendary character in Chinese history. The statue is made of bronze, with 3 meters white marble supporting bottom, the statue itself has a height of 18.83meters, weighs 133 tons.
Guanyin Temple, a place of people to pray and worship, attracts people from everywhere come here to pray for their family and well-being of society. In the temple, 33 paintings displays the legendary Chinese Goddess-Guanyin teaching and nurturing the mass. Standing on the square and looking forward, the whole Tianmu Lake is within your sight. Under the sunshine, golden waves waving peacefully. Togerther with the hills and mountains from southeast, delicate architecture on the mountains, always provoke visitors to think of the wonderful days and reluctant to go back.

Taklong Investment company

Taklong Investment company limited is a subsidary company of Daysun Group, its main activities are Agriculture Development, Forestation R&D, Planting and Processing.

Real Estate

Project Name – Futai - New Capital
Futai-New Capital invested by Daysun Group and located in Zhangqiu, Jinan City is a super multifunctional district focus on residence, leisure, entertainment and health. This project cover the total area of 726 Chinese Mu, in which including 50 Mu Artificial Lake and 1 million square meters building area.

Tibet Delian Mining Co., Ltd.

Tibet Delian Mining Co., Ltd is located in Tibet Plateau which is know as “the Back of the World”. It is a joint venture set up by Daysun Group and Tibet Geological Prospecting Bureau. It’s main activities are mine prospecting, developing, processing and selling. It owns 31 mines in 21 counties in Tibet.

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