The Deputy Director General of AQSIQ Lin Wei Visits Jiangsu Daysun Foods Co., Ltd. for Investigation and Guidance

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On May 7, Lin Wei, deputy director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision of the People's Republic of China, was accompanied by the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bure

On May 7, accompanied by leaders from Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau and Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, the deputy director general of AQSIQ Lin Wei visited Jiangsu Daysun Foods Co., Ltd. for investigation and guidance. 
Lin Wei inspected all the workshops and listened to the detailed report of Chairman Chen Deqi and Vice Chairman Ying Danhua. During the inspection, Lin Wei fully affirmed the company’s great attention to product quality and the developing degree of the international market. 
In the inspection, Lin Wei emphasized that the company should develop new products as always, continuously improve product quality and strive to improve the international popularity of Daysun brand